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Oven, Grill, & Fry Cleaner, 12 qt case


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Oven, Grill, & Fry Cleaner (02 OGC), 12 quart case

USDA Authorized (A8), this alkaline cleaner is approved as a degreaser and carbon remover for cooking and smoking equipment, utensils, and related surfaces. It can be used to remove baked-on grease and built-up food deposits in institutional ovens, grills, fryers, hoods, griddles, racks, burners, rotisseries, and drip pans.

**This product is hazardous material and Personal Protective Equipment is required.**

Oven, Grill, & Fry Cleaner has high levels of alkaline content, allowing it to penetrate and emulsify grease. It cuts through baked-on foods and carbon, leaving the oven, grill, or fryer looking clean and ready for new oil.

This product is ideal for use in kitchens and other food preparation areas which may contain a grill, fryer, or oven. With regular use in fry cleaners, fryer oil will last longer and stay cleaner.

This item is classified as a Hazardous Material. Additional shipping fees may apply.

pH: 13.3 + 0.3
COLOR: Clear flourescent yellow
ODOR: Slightly pungent

Dilution amounts vary as follows:
RTU in Ovens and Grills
1 cup to 5 gal water Fryers

Case of 12 quarts

MSDS sheet available after purchase.

  • Model: 02 OGC
  • FLS

Oven, Grill, & Fry Cleaner, 12 qt case

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