Pressure Washer Soap, 275 gal Tote


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Product Description

Pressure Washer Soap, 5 gal Pail

This product is a biodegradable, concentrated cleaner/degreaser designed specifically for cleaning trucks, equipment, and engines when diluted with water and applied with a pressure washer.

For best results, dilute with water in a 25 to 1 ratio for most applications. For heavier soiled applications use a more concentrated ratio.

Personal protective equipment is required when using this product. Rubber gloves and a face shield are suggested.

This product has a pH of 12.9. It is a clear thin blue liquid with a "butyl" fragrance.

Active ingredients per SDS are:
Silicic acid, di sodium salt pentahydrate 2.22%
  • Model: FBS-PWS-275

Pressure Washer Soap, 275 gal Tote

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