Dry Chlorinated Bleach Powder, 35lbs Box


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Dry Chlorinated Bleach, 35lbs Box

Designed expressly to be more effective, more convenient than all other bleaches. For use on white and color fast cottons, linens, nylons, Orlons, dacrons, and blends of these?any fabric safe with liquid chlorine bleach.

- Rapidly soluble, easy to measure and dispense.
- Not as aggressive as hypochlorite - cloth lasts longer.
- Has uniform bleaching action.
- Negligible loss in strength on standing.
- Less storage space required.
- Contains no calcium so hard water residue will not form to interfere with laundry results.
- Contains optical brighteners, water softeners.
- Dry Chlorinated Bleach replaces Sodium Hypochlorite which is bulky, takes up a lot of storage space, loses strength on standing, presents hazards with spilling and splashing, and lacks uniformity of bleaching action.
- Dry Chlorinated Bleach replaces Calcium Hypochlorite which reacts with hard water and/or soap to form precipitates that interfere with clothes washing, cleaning, rinsing.

- Physical Form: Powder
- Color: White
- Scent: Chlorine
- Specific Gravity: 0.9654
- Bulk Density: 60.19 lbs. per cubic ft.
- pH 2% Solution: 6.29
- Active Alkalinity (Theoretical): 18.469%
- Total Alkalinity (Theoretical): 39.02%
- Active ingredients (per SDS): Chloroisocyanurate 10-20%, Sodium tripolyphosphate 10-20%, Distyryl Biphenyl <1%

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 30252-0000635

Dry Chlorinated Bleach Powder, 35lbs Box

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