StainBlast - White Laundry Reclaimer, 2 lbs bag


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Product Description

StainBlast - White Laundry Reclaimer / Restorer, 2 lbs bags (Treats 50 lbs of linens)

A super-strength stain remover formulated to reclaim soiled, graying or dingy white or colorfast linens, towels and other fabrics. For use directly in laundry machines in commercial and institutional applications. Effective on a wide variety of stains not removed by regular washing, including grease, cooking oils, food stains, cosmetics, grass, and much more. Contains powerful alkalis, water conditioning agents and chlorine additives for outstanding results, even in hard water areas with high soil loads.

Directions for Use:
For use in commercial laundry machines on white or colorfast fabric only. Consult your Service Representative for proper procedures and wash formula instructions before use. Place linen to be reclaimed into washer, then fill machine to a low level with hot water. Add 1-2 lbs. of this product (1/2 to 1 container) per 50 lbs. of linen. Do not exceed this concentration. Mix this product only with water - NEVER with other chemicals. Wash for 10-20 minutes, drain machine, then rinse and extract linen three times (two hot water, then one warm water). Inadequate rinsing may cause damage to fabric and skin irritation. Assure fabric pH is 7.0 or lower. If it is higher, add another rinse step. Dry as usual. Close container when not in use. 

Technical Specifications:
Appearance: White Powder 
Odor: Chlorine 
pH: (1% solution, 22C) >11.5 
Foaming: Low 
Flash Point: None 
Bulk Density (lbs/gal, 22C) 
Stability Range: 9.00 +-0.1 20-100F 
Free Alkalinity (as Na2 O): High 
Solubility (in H2 O, 22C) 100% 
Phosphate Content (as P): <4.0%
Chlorine Content: >8.0%

  • Model: 21725-2

StainBlast - White Laundry Reclaimer, 2 lbs bag

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