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Knight OP Pro 5 product liquid dispenser with OP Pro Global remote control, SIB, with pumps (24 VDC)


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Product Description

Please note that Knight product images may not match perfectly due to the manufacturer not having images for different versions of product models. Please contact us if you have any questions about what you are ordering.

***This is a special order product that can have 5-7 day handling times***

The OP Pro Global remote offers 30 wash formula capability, comprehensive programming features, and data management capabilities. These enhancements allows an on-premise facility to be able to manage cleaning costs and efficiently operate like larger commercial laundries. This is more ideal for accounts that need more capabilities and attention like hotels, laundry houses, and linen factories.

Programming Features

Dispenser ID Operating Zone
Access Code Calibrate Pumps
Date and Time Prime Pumps
Auto Formula Reset Formula Programming
Bleach Defeat Computer Interface (Reporting)
Soft Defeat Normal Signal Mode
Signal Lockout Relay Mode
System Lockout Drain Mode
Flush Mode Soil Mode
User Access Code Receive Setup From Another Dispenser
Chemical Names Signal Mode: One to One
Chemical Costs Signal Mode: Assign Step
Formula Names Signal Mode: Assigned Signal
Formula Weight Digital Display
Shift Times

Part Number: 7072505

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  • Model: OP Pro-505 Global

Knight OP Pro 5 product liquid dispenser with OP Pro Global remote control, SIB, with pumps (24 VDC)

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