Trail Proven Sign & Post Extension


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Product Description

Our Trail Proven Posts are built with Trail Wood, an environmentally friendly composite made from recycled post-consumer plastics. Post-consumer plastics undergo recycling to create the resilient material utilized in our Trail Proven pet station. This material is resistant to scratches, breaks, or bends, and unlike metal stations, it remains free from rust, cracks, or corrosion. The color of Trail Wood permeates throughout, eliminating the need for maintenance.

- For Use to Extend the Trail Proven Post to accomondate a sign
- Material: Trail Proven wood
- Color: Tree Bark Brown
- Weight: 17 lbs

Trail Proven is the only post you will ever need and the best investment for your Community, Residents, and the Environment. In harmony with Nature.
  • Model: NBPWP TP-026-ST

Trail Proven Sign & Post Extension

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