Tomcat Mouse Size Glueboards Case of 48


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Tomcat Glue Boards for Mice, Case of 48

Safely control rodents in both rural and urban environments with this poison free glue board designed to catch mice. Rodents present a hazard to public health because they carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They also cause damage to property, and leave urine and droppings wherever they travel. Tomcat Glue Boards should be placed where mice will most likely find and cross the board such as along walls, gnawed openings, corners, concealed areas, or wherever there are signs of rodents. It is ideal for farms, homes, manufacturing plants, apartments, motels, hotels, office buildings, and schools. Include this item as part of a rodent control program.

This product is made with Eugenol, and is designed to trap and kill rodents. It can be placed flat or folded to create a tunnel-like trap. Lay board in locations out of reach of children, pets, domestic animals, and wildlife. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended when retrieving dead rodents. Refer to product label for further instructions.

Tomcat Glue Boards is a peel-and-place glue trap. It will capture and hold mice, beetles, cockroaches, scorpions, and other crawling insects.

Non-poisonous | Odor free | Wide temperature range | 3" x 4"

24 packs per case (2 boards per pack)

  • Model: MOT 32419
  • FLS

Tomcat Mouse Size Glueboards Case of 48

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