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Fine Sorb - 50 lbs Bags, Fine Size Grains Oil Absorbent, Pallet of 50 bags


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Fine Sorb - 50 lbs Bags, Fine Size Grains Oil Absorbent, Pallet of 50 bags

**Please note that there are a few special conditions that apply to this product**

1. This product is not qualified for our free local shipping options.
2. Due to the nature of how this item is packed (it is a heavy, granular material in paper bags), there is a higher than normal likelihood of it getting damaged during the shipping process. Despite our best efforts to palletize and shrink wrap these bags, they do get "bumps and bruises" during shipping. We will not replace individual bags that get torn or broken during shipping. In other words, you are ordering this product at your own risk.

Remove difficult to clean substances using this fine sized grains, multi-use absorbent. It is designed to absorb oil, gasoline, grease, syrup, acid, solvents, and hazardous waste. Generously sprinkle granules over desired area and allow product to absorb soil. Agitate the area by sweeping granules back and forth until soil is fully absorbed, then sweep up and dispose of used product in compliance with all local and national regulations. For particularly large spills, or still flowing spills, use granules to create a moat or dam. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended.

This item is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, canning plants, packaging plants, textile mills, garages, repair shops, and bus barns. Store in a dry area.


50 bags (pallet)
900 bags (truckload)

Model#: FLX 3
Shipping Weight: 2500 lbs (pallet)
  • Model: FLX 3
  • FLS

Fine Sorb - 50 lbs Bags, Fine Size Grains Oil Absorbent, Pallet of 50 bags

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