F-Matic Commode Mat Grey, case of 6


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Product Description

Prevent urine damaged floors with SaniPro urinal mats. Our unique ProSorb urinal and commode mats provide a great new solution to the age old problem of keeping restrooms clean.

Protection - ProSorb will protect all types of floor surfaces from the harmful effects of urine. Do away with those ugly yellow spots and stains. Extend the life of bathroom flooring.

Pays for itself - ProSorb will shave hundreds of dollars every year off the cost of restroom maintenance, all the while providing a safer, more sanitary way to deal with the problems of urine splash and drips around urinals and commodes. Ease of maintenance ProSorb makes maintaining restrooms easier and faster. There's no need for mopping multiple times a day to remove puddles and clean wet floors.

When scheduled daily maintenance calls for wet mopping, ProSorb mats can be mopped over or removed for total floor cleaning. Improved appearance - ProSorb is the only product available that can reduce your maintenance hours while improving the appearance of your restrooms.

Floor surfaces beneath urinals and commodes have long been the sore spot in every restroom's overall appearance. Urine odor caused by unsightly splashes and drips also creates a generally poor impression of a restroom's cleanliness. ProSorb solves all these problems. Safe - ProSorb super absorbency reduces moisture on restroom floors, thereby reducing slippery conditions. Because ProSorb stays where it's put, it presents no safety hazard itself.

Color: Grey
Room Type: Bathroom
Product Care Instructions: Wipe with Dry Cloth
Product Dimensions: 0.6 x 22 x 0.25 inches
Item model number : 1441-CGR
  • Model: FM 1441CGR

F-Matic Commode Mat Grey, case of 6

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