F-Matic Urinal Mat Black, case of 6


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Product Description

Prevents Damaged Floors. Protects floors from uric acid damage. Keeps urine from being tracked out of the bathroom. Helps prevent corrosion around toilet bases.

- Prevent urine damaged floors with SaniPro urinal mats
- Protection - ProSorb will protect all types of floor surfaces from the harmful effects of urine
- Ease of maintenance ProSorb makes maintaining restrooms easier and faster
- Improved appearance
- Safe - ProSorb super absorbency reduces moisture on restroom floors
- Self-contained: One-piece design means there are no messy top sheets or inner pads to replace.
- Sanitary: Chemically active core layer neutralizes unsanitary elements and converts liquids to gel.
- Convenient: Easy to put in place, take up and dispose of.
- Moppable: Performance is unaffected by light damp mopping on top of surface.
- Long-lasting: Provides freshness up to eight weeks between replacements.
- Versatile: Works on any surface, from vinyl to decorative tile to plain concrete.
- Grid Layer: Keeps soles of feet from contacting absorbent layer beneath.

Dimensions: 0.6 x 20.5 x 0.25 inches
Item model number: 1452-BNT
  • Model: FM 1452BNT

F-Matic Urinal Mat Black, case of 6

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