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Kraft Paper Liners


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Kraft Paper Liners

Collect feminine hygiene products safely and effectively using these sanitary paper liners. Sanitary receptacles should be mounted directly to the partition within each individual bathroom stall in a women's restroom. Kraft Paper Liners should be removed and replaced as part of a regular cleaning and maintenance program; disinfect the receptacle upon occasion to prevent the spread of disease causing bacteria and never reuse a soiled liner. Personal Protective Equipment should be worn when handling this product.

Kraft Paper Liners are tailored for use in hotels, motels, retail outlets, recreation facilities, shopping malls, schools, health clubs, and office buildings. They are sold in bulk by the case quantities.

Kraft | For #250 | Wax Coated | 7-1/2" x 11-1/4"

1/500 liners (case)
  • Model: CON 0250K
  • FLS

Kraft Paper Liners

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