F-Matic Omniguard Kit 1 Bagged, case of 6


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Product Description

OmniGuard is a powerful urinal cleaner, deodorizer, and descaler that attacks odors at their source by removing years of buildup and halting the accumulation of lime scale and calculus that often cause costly plumbing bills.

The F-Matic OmniGuard eliminates odors directly around the urinal, helping you maintain the clean presentation of your commercial restroom. Its eco-friendly, recycled refill fits most urinals, takes only seconds to install, requires no tools or restroom modifications, and is completely paradichlorobenzene-free. Save labor, save time, save money and enhance the image of your restrooms with OmniGuard!

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 12 in
Product: Omniguard - Bagged (FM02-30K-1)
  • Model: FM FM02-30K-1

F-Matic Omniguard Kit 1 Bagged, case of 6

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