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ALNOCHROMIX 2510 (formerly NOCHROMIX 19-010), 1 BOX of 10x3.1 oz packets


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Product Description

ALNOCHROMIX 2510 (formerly NOCHROMIX 19-010), 1 BOX of 10 x 3.1 oz packets

Cleans Glass with H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid
- Metal-free for trace metal glassware cleaning
- Surfactant-free for enzyme kinetics, cell and tissue culture cleaning
- Removes stubborn odors from containers
- Replaces carcinogenic and hazardous chromic acid
- Free rinsing to provide reliable results and no interfering residues

Used to clean: Laboratory glassware and other glass, and ceramic surfaces used for trace metal, enzyme kinetics, flavor profile, tissue and cell culture procedures.

Used to remove: Difficult organic and metal residues and odors

Surfaces cleaned: Glass, ceramic and acid resistant plastic surfaces
Cleaning method: Soak or brush

Directions for making ALNOCHROMIX solutions: Pour 1-2 pouches of ALNOCHROMIX crystals into 1 large container (2.5L or 1gal capacity) of 98% concentrated sulfuric acid depending on desired cleaning strength. Stir lightly, crystals will dissolve in 10-15 minutes. If less sulfuric acid is used, use proportionally less ALNOCHROMIX. Reseal tightly any unused crystals in a pouch. Store ALNOCRHOMIX sulfuric acid solution in a vented glass or HDPE containers.

For best results use freshly made solution within first 7 days of mixing. When cleaning solution is stale or discolored, it can be regenerated by adding new ALNOCRHOMIX.

Catalog Number - Description
2510 - 1 BOX (10x3.1 oz PACKETS)
2540 - 1 CASE (4 BOXES)
2512 - 3 CASES (12 BOXES)

2533 SAFETY VENT KIT (3 Silver safety gloves + 3 Vent Caps)
2513 SAFETY VENT CAP (3/pk.)

Physical Data Typical Data
pH dilute in water (1%) 5
Specific gravity (g/ml) 1.0
Bulk Density (g/L.) 1000
Phosphate Content (as Phosphorus) 0%
Organic Carbon (% calculated w/w) 0%
Fragrance and Dye Content 0%
Color: white
Form: powder
Shelf Life: 2 years

Chemical Description
ALNOCHROMIX consists primarily of inorganic persulfate oxidizing agent

Important Warnings
- Do not close solution container airtight. Use vented cap (vented caps cat no 2513 and 2533).
- Never use nitric acid in place of sulfuric acid.
- Do not mix silver salt with ALNOCHROMIX.
- Glassware containing silver salts should be rinsed before soaking in ALNOCRHOMIX and sulfuric acid solution.
- Wear suitable personal protective equipment for skin and eyes. Silver gloves Cat. No. 2521 and 2533 available.

Health Safety Information
RoHS hazardous ingredients: none
EPA Priority Pollutants: none
DOT Hazard Class: UN1444 Ammonium Persulfate, 5.1, PGIII
Latex Content: None in detergent, packaging materials or adhesives.
Eye Irritation: Causes serious eye irritation. Wear appropriate protective equipment.
Skin Irritation: Causes skin irritation. Wear appropriate protective equipment.
Carcinogenicity: NTP = No IARC = No OSHA = No
All ingredients in ALNOCHROMIX are listed in TSCA inventory.

24-Hour Emergency Number (ChemTel) 888.255.3924 in USA
  • Model: ALC 2510
  • FLS

ALNOCHROMIX 2510 (formerly NOCHROMIX 19-010), 1 BOX of 10x3.1 oz packets

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