10 quart Galvanized Bucket, case of 6


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10 qt. Galvanized Bucket

**WARNING pictures do not match buckets perfectly**

Collect and store parts or debris in this galvanized bucket manufactured with quality sheet stock. Galvanized Sheet Metal Pail is typically used in rugged and outdoor environments, but can also be used for decorative purposes or as a flower pot. Designed with a swivel handle, this pail is a great addition to any building and grounds maintenance program. Galvanized containers are durable enough to handle a wide variety of garbage and slop; they also keep rodents out and are suitable for transporting or collecting nails, screws, ashes, cigarettes, cigars, tar, coals, charcoal, sand, dirt, compost, and general debris. Clean as appropriate.

**Please note that product image may not match exactly with current product. This is due to changes in manufacturers and galvanizing processes.**

This product is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, farms, repair shops, shopping centers, schools, restaurants, cafes, manufacturing facilities, processing plants, office buildings, and homes. Galvanized Sheet Metal Pail is sold in individual quantities.


Galvanized sheet metal | Horizontal wedges | Handle


Top Diameter, 11"

Bottom Diameter, 8.5"

Height, 9.25"

  • Model: KEL 10P

10 quart Galvanized Bucket, case of 6

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