Silicone Lubricant


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Silicone Lubricant

Sold by the case of 12 (qty), 11 oz cans.

Formulated for factory, institutional, industrial and commercial use, Silicone Lubricant frees sticking mechanisms, eliminates fan belt squeaks, metal-to-metal noises, and rubber-to-metal squeaks. It repels water and ice, retards rust and corrosion, lubricates hinges, and prevents freezing of exposed locks. Apply directly to surface. (Includes extension tube.) PPE is recommended.

Silicone Lubricant has a petroleum hydrocarbon and acetone odor.

Ideal for wood, metal, rubber, leather, and some fabrics in automobiles, windows, doors, drawers, zippers, cabinets, ignition systems, and other electrical connections.

Silicone Lubricant is an excellent way to waterproof ignition systems and other electrical connections. It has been premixed in exacting proportions during manufacturing, so you never have to measure or mix, or risk using a solution that's too strong to be safe or too weak to be effective. Aerosol products allow you to spray the exact amount you need, thereby minimizing waste.

Availability: 12/case (11 oz cans)
Manufacturer: Chase Products Co.
Model#: CHA 5351
Shipping Weight: 9.25 lbs

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  • Model: CHA 5351

Silicone Lubricant

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