Web Spray Adhesive


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Multi-Purpose Web Adhesive

Sold by the case of 12 (qty), 12 oz cans.

Multi-Purpose Web Adhesive is a clear spray adhesive that forms a non-staining, flexible, permanent bond between like and unlike surfaces. Minimal overspray. Waterproof. Contains no chlorinated solvents. The adjustable spray tip rotates to control the vertical coverage of the spray. Adjustable spray tip Provides high-performance bonding between like or unlike surfaces Fast tack with little soak-in or transfer to surfaces Permanent bond Contact adhesive effective to 32F Recommended uses Use to attach labels to furniture or mattresses. Ideal for upholstery fabric or other cloth. High solids make it an effective adhesive for use on leather, carpeting, paper, insulation, corrugated cardboard, cork, wood, metal, Styrofoam and polyethylene sheeting. Test before using on plastics, vinyl or other surfaces. Formulated for factory, institutional, industrial and commercial use.

  • Model: CHA 5163

Web Spray Adhesive

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