SEKO Professional ORP/redox Probes


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SEKO Professional ORP/redox Probe

ORP (redox potential, also referred to as redox) is a measure widely used in biochemistry, environmental chemistry and water treatment. SEKO's professional-grade ORP probes are designed to meet the needs of the modern water-treatment professional. In aqueous solutions, ORP is a good measure of the effectiveness of disinfectants present in the water. In a swimming pool, the higher the oxidation potential, the more efficient the disinfectant.

In water monitoring, the ORP value therefore provides the operator with a quick indication of the effectiveness of the disinfectant present in the water. This allows the operator to evaluate if the current situation is adequate or if it is instead necessary to dose additional disinfectant.

An ORP probe consists of a measuring electrode in contact with the solution and a reference electrode with stable potential.

- SRH1-Water&Pool-SJ-AU: ?2000 mV, 0-60 degree celsius

- P=6bar, Au, Body=PP, S/J, L=6m, BNC yellow
  • Model: SEKO SRH1-WP-SJ-AU

SEKO Professional ORP/redox Probes

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