Superior Cherry Deodorant, case of 4 gallons


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Superior Cherry Deodorant (15 SCD), case of 4 gallons

Capture malodors quickly and effectively, instead of masking them, with this surface deodorant featuring ORDENONE as manufactured by Snee Chemical Company. Superior Cherry Deodorant leaves a fresh cherry scent without film build-up, and is safe to use on most surfaces. Apply with a spray bottle, mopping system, or automatic scrubbing machine. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended.

Ideal for deodorizing a multitude of environments including: homes, office buildings, theaters, hotels, motels, barber shops, beauty salons, and retail stores.

Superior Cherry Deodorant is a ready-to-use deodorant. It has been premixed in exacting proportions during manufacturing, so you never have to measure or mix, or risk using a solution that's too strong to be safe or too weak to be effective. Ready-to-use products allow you to use the exact amount you need, thereby minimizing waste.

Phosphate free.

1 gal
4/1 gal case

Manufacturer: Snee Chemical Company
Model#: 15 SCD
Shipping Weight: 9lbs (1 gal) | 40lbs (case)

Material Safety Data Sheets available after purchasing.

  • Model: 15 SCD
  • FLS

Superior Cherry Deodorant, case of 4 gallons

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