Ultra Power Scents "Aromatherapy" Concentrate

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Ultra Power Scents "Aromatherapy" Concentrate

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Capture malodors quickly and effectively, instead of masking them, with this surface deodorant featuring a special combination of natural extracts, essential oils, and ORDENONE as manufactured by Snee Chemical Company. Ultra Power Scents "Aromatherapy" Concentrate penetrates and neutralizes odors, leaving a fresh scent without film build-up. Scents include: Big Sur, Eucalyptus Twist, Far East, Peppermint Twist, and Strawberries n' Cream. Apply with a spray bottle, mopping system, or automatic scrubbing machine. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended.

Ideal for deodorizing a multitude of environments including: homes, office buildings, theaters, hotels, motels, barber shops, beauty salons, and retail stores.

Original Power Scents Concentrate comes in concentrated form. Concentrated formulas are an economical option for consumers because they are manufactured using fewer resources. However, care should be taken by the end-user to ensure the solution is properly mixed, thus creating a product capable of performing as described. Refer to product label for further instructions.

Phosphate free.

1 gal
4/1 gallon cases

Manufacturer: Snee Chemical Company
Model#: 07 BS | 07 ET | 07 FE | 07 PT | 07 SC
Shipping Weight: 9lbs (1 gal)

Material Safety Data Sheets available after purchasing.

Ultra Power Scents "Aromatherapy" Concentrate

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