Wareforce HT-180HH-E HIgh Temperature, Tall Chamber Door Type Dish Machine


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Product Description

The versatile TempStar HH-E high hood dishmachine has the dual functionality of a dishwasher and a pot & pan washer. Exclusive Sani-Sure final rinse system ensures proper sanitation is achieved in every fully automatic 60-second cycle. Its 27" clearance easily accommodates large sheet pans and 60-quart bowls. Plus, a built-in 70 degrees F -rise booster heater is standard!

Measurements: 28.625" x 34.38" x 76.38"
Weight: 393 LB
Clearance: 27"

- Uses 0.78 gallons (2.95 liters) of 180 ?F (82 ?C) water per rack
- Total automatic (normal) cycle - 60 seconds
- 60 (55)* racks per hour (normal) cycle
- 2 HP Wash Pump Motor
- Single point connections for all utilities
- Field convertible from straight through to corner and vice versa (kit required)
- Durable stainless steel construction

- Certifed as both a dishwasher and a pot, pan and utensil washer to NSF/ANSI3 standards
- Cleans 60 (55)* racks per hour, using only 0.72 gallons of water per rack
- ENERGY STAR certified
- High temperature sanitizing door-type dishmachine, electric tank heat
- 20-3/4" wide X 27? high (527mm X 686mm) opening accommodates 18" X 26? (457mm X 660mm) sheet pans and 60-quart mixing bowls
- Built-in 70 degrees F (38.9 degrees C) rise booster heater with Sani-Sure final rinse system is standard; 40 degrees F (22.2 degrees C) rise booster heater is available but
must be specifed at time of order
- Lower counter-rotating wash arms and upper wash arm provide optimum spray coverage and superior cleaning action
- Self-draining stainless steel pump (no cast iron or plastics) ensures no detergent carryover between wash and rinse cycles
- Split-door design accommodates installations with low ceiling heights
- Multi-cycle timer (Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, Normal)
- Automatic tank fill / auto-start
- Door switch
- Delime/manual wash switch
- Low watt density electric wash tank heater
- Hi-limit thermostat and low water protection
- Vent fan control shuts fan of when machine is idle
- Adjustable bullet feet
- Uses standard 20" X 20" (508 mm X 508 mm) racks
- Front dress panel
- Detergent/rinse additive signal connection fuse box
- Large scrap basket
- Fully automatic 60-second cycle
- Four selectable time cycles for warewashing flexibility and performance
- Exclusive dual counter-rotating lower wash arms
- Specially designed stainless steel nozzles provide superior cleaning action
- Telescoping doors stay open for ease of loading and unloading machine
- Field convertible for straight-through to corner and vice versa (kit required)
- Front stainless steel dress panel
- Efficient 2 HP wash pump motor
- Durable stainless steel construction
- 1-year parts and labor warranty

Options & Accessories:

- Optional 40 degrees F (22.2 degrees C) rise booster heater is available at no additional cost (must be specifed on P.O.)
- 460V Electrical
- Single Phase
- Pressure Regulator
- Drain Water Tempering Kit
- Scaltrol
- Water Hammer Arrestor
- Flanged Feet
- False Panel (for corner installations)
- Door Interlock
- Security Package
- 36-Compartment Rack
- 4-1/8" tall (105 mm)
- 5-5/8" tall (143 mm)
- 7" tall (178 mm)
- Combination Rack
- Peg Rack
- Sheet Pan Rack - for 18" X 26" (457mm X 660mm) baking pans

*Racks per hour calculated with NSF suggested load time of five (5) seconds for door-type (straight thru)
  • Model: JW HT-180HH-E

Wareforce HT-180HH-E HIgh Temperature, Tall Chamber Door Type Dish Machine

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