CMA Model 180 UC, High Temperature Undercounter Glasswasher, w/Dispenser


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Product Description

Undercounter, hot water sanitizing, 30 racks/hour, 6kW booster heater and external scrap accumulator. 14-1/2" maximum clearance for wares, pump drain, and upper/lower stainless steel rotating wash and rinse arms. Unique design requires no exposed wash tank heating element. Safe-T-Temp feature assures a 180 degrees F final rinse, built in chemical pumps and delime switch.

***Please note this item can have a 3-4 week lead time***

- The 2 minute timer includes the built-in, automatic Safe-T-Temp feature, which assures a 180 degrees F sanitizing final rinse, every cycle.
- Top mounted controls are easy to read and simple to operate.
- Large 14-1/2" height clearance accommodates larger dishes, half size sheet pans and tall glassware.
- Patented automatic soil purging system. Filters wash water and traps plate debris in an external drawer. Drawer can be easily removed for dumping contents.
- Upper and lower rotating wash and rinse arms blast water in all directions for optimum cleaning and rinsing.
- All stainless steel construction, no plastic parts to repair.
- Patented built-in booster heater. Economical, single source heat lowers energy costs.
- Low water consumption. Uses only .75 gallons of water per cycle.
- Pumped drain.
- All Stainless Steel wash pump.
- Built in chemical dispensers with top mounted prime switches.
- Built in Delime switch.

Available Options:
- Drain Board
- Water Tempering Kit

Frame Dimensions:
Depth 25" (63.5 Cm)
Width 24" (60.96 Cm)
Height 33-1/4" (84.45 Cm)
Max Clearance For Wares 14-1/2" (36.8 Cm)

Summary Specifications: Model CMA-180UC
The CMA Energy Mizer model CMA-180UC undercounter dishmachine provides hot water (180 degrees F) sanitizing through the use of a built-in booster heater. 180 degrees F final rinse safety system ensures proper temperatures in the final rinse by holding wash cycle in run mode until 180 degrees F rinse temperature is detected. The unit comes standard with upper and lower stainless steel wash and final rinse arms, digital LED temperature gauges and easy to operate controls. The CMA-180UC incorporates an automatic soil purging system uniquely designed (patent pending) into the wash tank that enables the wash water to remain clean, assuring excellent results and less chemical use. The CMA-180UC is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Uses standard 20"x20" dishracks and accommodates oversized plates and utensils with 14-1/2" door clearance.

- For machine having "Safe-T-Temp"
- For faster heat recovery

- Plumbing connections must be made by a qualified service company who will comply with all available Federal, State, and Local Health, Plumbing and Safety codes.
- CMA recommends utilizing a water softening system to maintain water hardness measurements of 3.5 gpg (grains per gallon) or less. This will assure maximum results and optimum operation of the dishmachine.
  • Model: CMA 01665.70

CMA Model 180 UC, High Temperature Undercounter Glasswasher, w/Dispenser

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