CMA Model 181-GW, High Temperature Glasswasher, 220V/60Hz/1Ph


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Product Description

Under counter dishmachine sets a new standard for automation. Featuring both a built-in detergent and rinse aid dispensers along with a booster heater that will provide a high temperature fresh water 180 degrees F sanitizing rinse. CMA's Safe-T-Temp feature will ensure reaching a full high temperature sanitizing rinse. 181-GW offers a large 11-1/4" max clearance for wares.

***Please note this item can have a 3-4 week lead time***

- 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel wash tank.
- 30 racks per hour or 600 glasses per hour (20 per 19-3/4"X19-3/4" rack).
- Large 11-1/4" height clearance accommodates larger glassware.
- Top mounted controls are easy to read and simple to operate.
- .75 gallons of water per cycle or rack.
- Safe-T-Temp booster heater capable of a 70 degrees F rise. (3 minute cycle)
- 180 degrees F final rinse
- Detergent and rinse chemical pumps.
- Fresh water rinse through upper and lower rotating arms.
- Removable Stainless Steel pump protection screen for easy cleaning.
- Raised wash chamber reduces "bending over" to remove racks
- Gravity drain system.
- Great application for the WINE industry.
- Built in Delime switch.
- Dishmachine comes with one 16 compartment rack

Available Options:
- Pump Drain Kit
- 48" Undercounter Dishtable
- Drain Board

Frame Dimensions:
Depth 25" (63.5 Cm)
Width 24" (60.96 Cm)
Height 39"-40" (99-101.6 Cm)
Max Clearance For Dishes 11-1/4" (28.6 Cm)

Summary Specifications: Model CMA 181GW
The CMA 181GW undercounter dishmachine provides hot water (180 degrees F) sanitizing through the use of a built-in booster heater. 180 degrees F final rinse safety system ensures proper temperatures in the final rinse by holding wash cycle in run mode until 180 degrees F rinse temperature is detected. The unit comes standard with upper and lower stainless steel wash and final rinse arms, digital LED temperature gauges and easy to operate controls. The CMA 181GW is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Uses standard 19-3/4"X19-3/4" glassracks with a 11-1/4" door clearance.

Advisory: CMA does NOT endorse "Tankless On-Demand" water heaters for use on CMA Dishmachine products. CMA DOES endorse, and highly recommends, the standard "tank" style water heaters, sized properly to handle each particular facility with their water heating requirements.
  • Model: CMA 01665.30

CMA Model 181-GW, High Temperature Glasswasher, 220V/60Hz/1Ph

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