30" Corn Mix Toy Broom, case of 12


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30" Corn Mix Toy Broom (3 bands, mixed fiber), case of 12

Remove liter, dirt, and dust buildup with this lobby broom. 30" Corn Mix Toy Broom is fashioned with broomcorn, a unique fiber covered with hairlike follicles that trap and hold dust particles. It also has a three-seam stitch and is metal-bound, resulting in a premium quality, long-lasting broom. This product is typically used in combination with a dust pan, or lobby pan, and waste receptacle; also sweeping compound or absorbent. Store broom in a dry area to ensure maximum performance. Depending upon the type of soil or debris being handled, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

Ideal for sweeping up dust, hair, sawdust, small parts, paper items, dirt, sand, grass, hay, and other combinations of soil and debris.

This product meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International ASTM F2367 standards. ASTM International develops international voluntary consensus standards that are used to improve product quality. That means this product is premium quality, and able to meet the rigorous demands of tough environments including shipyards, warehouses, parking areas, garages, semi-trailers, cargo containers, repair shops, office buildings, and homes.

30" Corn Mix Toy Broom is sold in individual or case quantities.

Handle: Wood (blue lacquered)

  • Model: SQ BMLYM

30" Corn Mix Toy Broom, case of 12

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