Floor Mats

Floor Mats come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Deck mats are typically used to prevent slips and falls where floors are prone to collecting grease, oil, water, or snowmelt. Looper and Olefin mats are used to provide a soil-stop area on either side of an entryway, or prolong the life of a finished floor. Anti-Fatigue mats are an ergonomic solution for tired legs and sore feet. All of these items are durable enough to meet the rigorous demands of outdoor and indoor environments including shipyards, warehouses, barber shops, garages, manufacturing plants, retail stores, repair shops, office buildings, and homes.

Matting varieties:
Anti-Fatigue | Looper | Olefin | Deck

Matting colors:
Blue | Charcoal | Green | Red/Black | Walnut | Brown | Black | Red

Matting sizes:
2' x 3' | 28in x 38in | 3' x 4' | 3' x 5' | 4' x 6' | 4' x 8'

Products within the Floor Mats category are sold in individual, pre-cut quantities.

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