VIP Top - Deck Mats

Deck mats provide traction in otherwise accident prone environments where water, grease, or other substances may create a slippery floor surface. Flow-through eyelets allow moisture, oil, and debris to settle beneath foot contact areas, thus preventing slips and falls. The floor beneath the mat should be cleaned frequently, and these rubber mats are easily removed, lifted, or shifted to allow for such mopping or scrubbing activity; rinse the mat as appropriate. Typically used in restaurants, these mats reduce safety risks and keep their anti-slip properties even when they are wet or soiled. Use them in the kitchen, behind the bar, or in dishwashing areas. Deck style matting is available in pre-cut sections only. They are durable and rugged, capable of withstanding long-term abuse in food prep and manufacturing locations including restaurants, bars, recreational centers, churches, processing plants, schools, and dairies; also greasy environments such as shipyards, warehouses, garages, manufacturing plants, and repair shops.

Matting varieties:
General Purpose | Grease Proof

Matting colors:
Black | Red

Matting sizes:
3' x 5'

Floor Mats: VIP Top Deck Mats products are sold in individual pre-cut quantities.

3' x 5' Black General Purpose Mat

3' x 5' Black General Purpose Mat Typically used in...


3' x 5' Red Grease Proof Mat

3' x 5' Red Grease Proof Mat Typically used in restaurants,...


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