Regular Orange Floor Cleaner - Pine Scent, 100lbs Drum


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Regular Orange Floor Cleaner - Pine Scent, 100lbs Drum

Concrete Cleaner quickly soaks down into grease, oil and dirt. It dissolves, loosens, suspends hard to get imbedded materials and rinses quickly away. Concrete dries lighter in color, and is not slippery.

- Quickly soaks down into grease, oil, and dirt. Even hard-to-get, embedded soil is dissolved, loosened, suspended and floats to surface ready to be rinse away.
- Concrete dries lighter in color. Because the oil and grease are gone, the dry floor is not slippery. Will not leave a white residue.
- A clean floor looks good, helps to prevent accidents, and will not track.
- Use anywhere concrete should be cleaned.
- Other uses for this versatile cleaner: hard surface cleaning (station hoist, automotive, or truck chassis, etc.), battery terminals, steel and iron parts.
- Contains no phosphates.

- Physical Form: Damp Powder
- Color: Orange
- Scent: Pine
- Total Activity: 100%
- Total Solids: 96%
- Total Solvent: 4%

Wet floor with water and sprinkle concrete cleaner (1lb. per 100 sq. ft) evenly. Allow to stand for 2 to 4 minutes. Brush wherever there is an accumulation. Rinse with clean water, and squeegee dry if desired. For faster action during cold weather, when floor and water are cold, put concrete cleaner into water solution prior to spreading on the floor. Scrub and rinse as before.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 30695-0000100

Regular Orange Floor Cleaner - Pine Scent, 100lbs Drum

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