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Metal Wedge Frame, Case of 12


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Metal Wedge Frame, case of 12

This universal wire wedge frame is tailored to fit standard threaded handles and most wedge mops. Squeeze wire ends together to insert and slide into mop head opening. With proper care, this wire frame will have a long life-cycle, and typically outlast several handles.

This product is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

For use with the following dust mop styles: Cotton Wedge and Synthetic Wedge.

Metal Wedge Frame is sold individually and in bulk quantities. Threaded handle and mop heads sold separately.

ZEP 19004
  • Model: ZEP 19004
  • FLS

Metal Wedge Frame, Case of 12

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