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Dura-Twist Dust Mop Head, 48" x 5", case of 12


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Dura-Twist Dust Mop Head. 48" x 5", case of 12

With its snug, side-load construction, this top quality industrial dust mop is truly made for professional environments. Dura-Twist Dust Mop Head utilizes a unique polyester backing which stays put on the frame, but the heart of this dust mop is the carefully blended synthetic yarn. This yarn has cut ends that have been sealed with heat, so it picks up and holds dust much better than other, more conventional dust mops. Coat mop head with an oil-based dust mop treatment after each use, and store upside down for best results. This dust mop is designed to withstand multiple washing cycles without losing its ability to pick up dust, though the best dust mop is an oil-treated, "dirty" looking mop head. Thus, frequent washing is not recommended.

Dura-Twist Dust Mop Head is sold in bulk quantities.

This dust mop is ideal for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

For use with universal 5" dust mop frames.

Mop sizes:
18" | 24" | 36" | 48"

Mop width:


Manufacturer: Zephyr
Model#: Dura-Twist Dust Mop
  • Model: ZEP 13748
  • FLS

Dura-Twist Dust Mop Head, 48" x 5", case of 12

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