15" Single Foam Rubber Refill Blade, case of 12


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Product Description

15" Single Foam Rubber Refill Blade, case of 12

This refill blade is 1/2" x 11/2" single medium density closed-cell Nitrile foam rubber blade. It provides a quick dry on smooth and uneven surfaces and is recommended for use on uneven, grouted floors, and food service areas. It is not recommended for use on abrasive surfaces.

***Each case is made to order and normally has a 1-2 week lead time***

All blades should be stored away from UV light and motorized equipment to maintain the integrity of the blade. Refill blade for 600 and 0600 Lines.

Lengths Available:
814 - 14" Refill Squeegee Blade
815 - 15" Refill Squeegee Blade
818 - 18" Refill Squeegee Blade
824 - 24" Refill Squeegee Blade
830 - 30" Refill Squeegee Blade
836 - 36" Refill Squeegee Blade

Physical Properties
Dimension .250"x2"
Durometer 55-60
Tensile Strength Very Good
Elongation Good
Compression Set Good
Heat Resistance Good
Resilience or Rebound Fair to Good
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Tear Resistance Fair to Good
Flame Resistance Poor
Impermeability, Gas Good
Weathering Resistance Fair to Good
Low Temp Limit -10 degrees F to -30 degrees F
High Temp Limit 250 degrees F

Chemical Resistance Properties
Acid Good
Alcohols Fair to Good
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents Excellent
Alkali Very Good
Animal & Vegetable Oils Very Good
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvents Fair to Good
Oil & Gasoline Excellent
Oxygenated Solvents Poor
Water Excellent

*This information was gathered from other sources and is to be used only as a guide in selecting products. Changes and/or variances in blade blends or chemical strengths can offer different results.
  • Model: HAVILAND 815

15" Single Foam Rubber Refill Blade, case of 12

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