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Supernova Floor Stripper, 5 gal case


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Supernova Floor Stripper (03 SN), Case of 2 (qty), 2.5 gal jugs

Strip and remove multiple layers of hardened finish with the best stripper in the industry. Supernova works on any floor surface including: vinyl asbestos, asphalt, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, cork, terrazzo, and marble. It is typically used in unison with a mop and bucket, floor machine, and a wet/dry vacuum. Apply stripper only after the area has been blocked-off to prevent unwanted traffic.

Recommended TMT floor pad:

Floor stripper is one component of a more extensive floor maintenance program, and it should not be applied to any floor unless the intention is to remove floor finish entirely. This product is manufactured by Snee Chemical Company utilizing Titanium Matrix Technology (TMT) which provides balance in depth, brilliance, durability, and detergent resistance.

This product should be liberally applied to floor surface. Allow dwell time, then scrub surface with an aggressive floor pad–use a scraper in areas where finish has built-up or hardened. Work in sections and vacuum slurry before it has a chance to dry; neutralize the floor before starting a new section.

Ideal for use in office buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, public buildings, hotels, theaters, shipyards, and retail locations.

Phosphate free.

2/2.5 gal case

Manufacturer: Snee Chemical Company
Model#: 03 SN
Shipping Weight: 50lbs (case)

Material Safety Data Sheets available after purchasing.

Click here to read our guide on using TMT products to Strip, Seal and Burnish vinyl tile floors.
  • Model: 03 SN
  • FLS

Supernova Floor Stripper, 5 gal case

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