Thick Threaded Handle, 60" case of 12


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Thick Threaded Handle, 60" case of 12

Secure this thick, threaded wooden handle to a variety of heads using its threaded end; also use a brace where applicable. It is easily transferred from one head to another which means one handle is all you need to accomplish multiple tasks. This threaded wood handle is able to meet the rigorous demands of tough environments including shipyards, warehouses, parking areas, garages, semi-trailers, cargo containers, repair shops, office buildings, and homes. These handles are typically used with mops, brooms, deck scrubbers, and other items requiring universal tapered handles.

Thick Thread Handle is sold in individual or case quantities.

60" | Threaded Tip | Wood Handle

1 each
12/1 (case)

Manufacturer: Zephyr
Model#: ZEP 21661
Shipping Weight: 1.33lbs (1 each) | 16lbs (case)

  • Model: ZEP 21661

Thick Threaded Handle, 60" case of 12

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