Ice Bomb, Extra Course Rock Salt

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Product Description

Ice Bomb, Extra Course Rock Salt manufactured by Salt Depot

**Call 888-252-6284 for Truckload Pricing**

Ice bomb is an extra-coarse solar rock salt with a purple non-staining dye to aid in application. This salt is recommended for parking lots only.

It is best applied with tailgate spreaders. This product provides instant traction and melts ice faster than plain salt.

Melts Ice down to 0 F / -18 C

Not recommended for use in water softeners.

Not harmful for vegetation.

This product is sold by the pallet and packaged in 50 lbs bags. There are 49 bags per pallet (2,450 lbs). Please call for truckload quantity quotes on this product. We will do our best to get you the best price possible.

Due to the nature of this product's packaging, it is not uncommon for bags to get ripped occasionally during shipping. We do not replace individual bags when this happens.

**This product does not qualify for our free local shipping option**

**Please be aware that we can only deliver this product on ice-free roads, therefore shipping delays will occur if this product is ordered while roads are iced over. Please order well in advance if you are in an area that ices. Shipment of this product can take 1-2 weeks when in stock.**
  • Model: IB 50

Ice Bomb, Extra Course Rock Salt

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