Viper Melt, Reduced Corrosion Ice Melt

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Product Description

Viper Melt is a calcium magnesium acetate blend with LEED compliant characteristics if applied properly. It contains 20% CMA and is blended with our Purple Heat with a purple non-staining dye. It has melting temperatures down to -13F.

Applying Viper Melt will decrease corrosion 70-80% from using any other typical ice melt blend.

Reduces corrosion by 70-80%

LAB tested 20%

CMA Product Ideal for Residential & Commercial Application

Requires Fewer Applications

Not Harmful to Vegetation

Pet & Environmetally Friendly Purple, Organic Non-Staining Dye for Controlled Application
  • Model: VM50

Viper Melt, Reduced Corrosion Ice Melt

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