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Blue (102) Medium Duty Maintenance Pad, case of 20


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Product Description

Blue (102) Medium Duty Maintenance Pad, case of 20

Scrub floors or other soiled surfaces with this medium duty maintenance pad designed for wet scrubbing applications. It removes dirt and scuff marks from the surface when used with a floor cleaner. These pads are tailored for use with extended or handheld pad holders which secure the pad using penetrating grippers. Once secure, the user is able to scrub along the edges of a floor where circular floor machines are less than effective. They are also great for reaching into tight spaces like areas behind toilets and under cabinets. Flip the pad upon a noticeable reduction in overall performance, and replace the maintenance pad entirely after both sides have been used.

Maintenance pads are tailored for use in theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.


20/1 case

Model#: TOL 280141

Shipping Weight: 3lbs (case)

  • Model: TOL 280141
  • FLS

Blue (102) Medium Duty Maintenance Pad, case of 20

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