Microfiber Mop Head with Scrubbers, Case of 12

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Microfiber Mop Head with Scrubbers, Case of 12

Thoroughly scrub and clean any floor surface with this washable, microfiber mop head with added scrubbing strips. Microfiber refers to the process of splitting individual fibers, creating a series of micro-fibers that better attract and cling to soil and debris. These smaller fibers also remove germs and bacteria in either wet or dry applications. For best results use a damp mop, or spray the floor surface and then mop. A mop head that is too wet will leave streaks. Rinse and wash after each use, and store in a dry location to maximize its lifespan. Depending upon the soil being removed, Personal Protective Equipment may be required. Replace mop after noticeable wear and tear, though it should last several hundred washings.

This item is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

Microfiber Mop Head with Scrubbers is sold in bulk by the case quantities.

Mop sizes:
18" | 24"

12/1 case
  • Model: Microfiber Mop Head with Scrubbe

Microfiber Mop Head with Scrubbers, Case of 12

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