32 oz. Cotton Clamp On Mop Heads (Case of 12)


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Product Description

32 oz. Cotton Clamp-on (Saddleback) Premium Mop Head

Clean and maintain your floor using this high quality mop head. It can be fastened directly to a wood, plastic, or fiberglass handle using a clamp-and-tighten device. This mop head is ideal for stripping floors and removing spills; or use for daily cleaning activity. It works best when used in a figure eight motion so as to contain soil and debris within the drag of the mop head; alternatively, a side to side method can be used when flooding or stripping an area. Rinse mop head after use, and store in a dry location to maximize its lifespan.

This item meets ASTM F 2368 Mop Standards as it relates to uniform labeling criteria and package requirements for wet mops, and is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes. It can be used on various floor types including: resilient, tile, terrazzo, synthetic, marble, concrete, asbestos tile, stone, and linoleum.

Mop specifications:
Cotton | 32oz | 4-ply

  • Model: SQ 1017S

32 oz. Cotton Clamp On Mop Heads (Case of 12)

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