Mosquito 10-Quart Pulse Power Battery Backpack - Standard Lid - Standard Hose - Standard Tool Kit


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Mosquito's Carbon-Lite now available with Lithium POWER! The lightest, most powerful commercial backpack vacuum available today WITHOUT the chord.
Poly Carbon material combined with the industry's most powerful Pulse Power motor puts Mosquito's Lithium Powered Carbon-Lite at the top of the competition.
- More Power - 65" of Lift
- 1 Hour 30 Minute Run Time - 2 Hour Charge Time
- Lithium Powered Battery
- HEPA Filtration
- Quiet - 63.4 decibels
- Weight - 16.2 Lbs.
- Size - 10Qt.

At Mosquito our attention to detail and commitment to innovation never ends.
Our latest product, the Lithium Carbon-Lite, is the beginning of a true revolution in industrial backpack vacuum design and performance. Mosquito's state of the art design studio overlooks our production stations in Huntington Beach, California USA. Furthering our commitment to quality our new Carbon-Lite boasts an impressive 88% of components manufactured in the USA. Combine that with the industry's longest warranty and the choice is clear.


?The body: New use of Poly-Carbon material. Lighter and stronger. The Carbon-Lite is
approximately 22% lighter than the most popular competitor.
? The motor: Our new Pulse Power motor has 65" of lift, approximately 42% more than most popular
? The hose: Our exclusive Never-Clog hose is an industry ?rst and patent pending. A 6" straw
doesn't get stuck. Try that with the competition.
? Components: Titanium and aluminum components, strong and lightweight.
? Cooler: Our flow through motor passes cooling air through the motor. Eliminating heat to your
? Tools: The Smooth Glide tool upgrade is standard on the Carbon-Lite.
  • Model: MOSQUITO 10-1022

Mosquito 10-Quart Pulse Power Battery Backpack - Standard Lid - Standard Hose - Standard Tool Kit

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