Wax Base Sweeping Compound, w/ Sawdust 600 lbs.


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Wax Base Sweeping Compound, w/ Sawdust (11 WB), Pallet of 12 (qty), 50 lbs boxes, 600 lbs total

Improve your overall air quality with this premium green, wax based sweeping compound made with hardwood sawdust. Pile product on floor surface in front of push broom. Sweep in normal fashion, keeping compound in a pile to suppress dust and capture dirt. Sweeping compound prevents dust particles from becoming airborne, thus it is more effective at cleaning the floor surface than regular sweeping because dust never has an opportunity to resettle. Dispose of product, dirt, and debris when complete.

This item is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, canning plants, packaging plants, textile mills, garages, repair shops, and bus barns. Store in a dry area.

Ideal for concrete floors. Phosphate free.

COLOR: Green to dark green-brown
ODOR: Slightly oily

Material Safety Data Sheets available after purchasing.

  • Model: 11 WB

Wax Base Sweeping Compound, w/ Sawdust 600 lbs.

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