10.5" Grey Acriflo Truck Wash Brush


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10.5" Grey Acriflo Truck Wash Brush

Clean your vehicle with this flagged plastic brush designed with thousands of extremely soft ends that work together with water to remove dirt and road grime. 10.5" Grey Acriflo Truck Wash Brush has excellent water holding capacity and is resistant to alkalis, solvents, and heat. This item is built on a plastic block with bumper so it won't scratch paint, and it includes a flow through hole for water and detergent. While other fibers tend to skip or skid, flagged plastic bristles provide a flicking action. Store brush in a dry area after use to ensure maximum performance. Depending upon the type of soil or debris being washed, Personal Protective Equipment may be required.

This product is premium quality and able to meet the rigorous demands of truck washing environments including shipyards, docks, warehouses, parking areas, garages, cargo storage areas, repair shops, office buildings, and homes. Although ideal for freight carriers, car washes, and vehicle rental locations this brush also work well on fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

10.5" Grey Acriflo Truck Wash Brush is sold in individual or case quantities. It accepts a tapered or threaded handle–sold separately.

Brush specifications:
2.5" bristles | Grey | Plastic | Plastic base with flow through hole

  • Model: FLO 466

10.5" Grey Acriflo Truck Wash Brush

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