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Erase Cleaner - Grafitti, Tar Adhesive Cleaner, 1 gallon


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Product Description

An industrial-strength cleaner that removes paint, graffiti, tar, adhesives, resins, acrylic coatings, floor wax, ink as well as dirt and oils from a variety of surfaces.

TYPICAL USES: For industrial, commercial and residential use on all surfaces including concrete, brick/masonry, stucco, cinder block, vinyl siding, wood, metal, and fiberglass.PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Economical * Fast and Effective * Low Foam * Dilute to Match the Job: 5:1 Water to Erase for Normal Cleaning, 1:1 for Heavy Cleaning or Straight for Encrusted Oil/Grease, Paint or Adhesives.

COLOR: Colorless

* Solubility: Excellent
* Boiling Point: 212 Degrees F.
* Specific Gravity: (H20=1) 1.83 @ 24 Deg C
* Evaporation Rate: Slower than water
* Percent Volatile: N/A
* pH: 10.2
* Vapor Density: N/A

Method: Spray, roll or wipe
Theoretical Coverage: 500 square feet at 5:1 mix

Application Instructions:
Limitations: Apply in good weather when air and surface temperature are above 45 F. and surface temperature is at least 5 F. above the Dew Point. For optimum application properties, materials should be between 70-90 F. prior to application. Maintain unused material in closed containers in protected storage at 40-90 F out of direct sunlight.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Always test before application
1. To Remove Carpet Adhesive: First remove carpet or Linoleum and scrape off as much residue as possible with a razor floor scraper. Next, spray or mop on a copious amount of Erase Cleaner as it comes from the container. (Do NOT dilute Erase for this application). Immediately cover the area treated with a sheet of polyethylene plastic being sure to smooth out all air bubbles. Keep covered for 12-24 Hrs. With a razor floor scraper, scrape up as much adhesive as possible. (Dispose of adhesive in accordance with local laws.) If needed, re-apply Erase Cleaner with either mop or sprayer and Application Instructions cover for 4-6 hrs. or until the last of the residue is soft. Remove plastic cover and pressure wash at 3,000 psi to thoroughly clean and remove all Erase Cleaner before attempting to apply any other coating.
2. To Remove Wax: Dilute Erase Cleaner with water at a 2:1 water to Erase Cleaner ratio and wash floor. Remove the rinse water with a
  • Model: ENV 30-38
  • FLS

Erase Cleaner - Grafitti, Tar Adhesive Cleaner, 1 gallon

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