Envirosafe pH Reducer, 1 gallon- 250 sq.ft./gal


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Product Description

Concrete pH Reducer is a liquid wash for reducing the high pH of new concrete or where a high pH cleaner has been previously applied.

TYPICAL USES: For industrial, commercial and residential use to neutralize high pH cleaners or to neutralize new concrete.

PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: Zero VOC, non-flammable, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic and economical. Will not etch concrete. Safe to use indoors and outside.

COLOR: Colorless

* Solubility: Excellent
* Specific Gravity: (H20=1) 1.18
* Evaporation Rate: Same as water
* Percent Volatile: N/A
* pH: 4

Method: Spray, roll or wipe
Theoretical Coverage: 250 square feet per gallon

Application Instructions:
Limitations: Apply in good weather when air and surface temperature are above 45 F. and surface temperature is at least 5 F. above the Dew Point. For optimum application properties, materials should be between 70-90 F. prior to application. Maintain unused material in closed containers in protected storage at 40-90 F out of direct sunlight
Always test before application. A pH reading should be carried out first by using pH Test strips obtainable from a swimming pool supply store and using Distilled water. (Do not touch the end of the test strip with your fingers as this will affect the test results)
1. Clean all oil, grease, debris and biological growth off surface using EnviroClean Degreaser or Algae Mildew Cleaner. Rinse well. Allow to dry before applying Concrete pH Reducer by either spraying with a plastic garden pump sprayer or mopping the surface.
2. Allow 3-5 minutes for Concrete pH Reducer to work on the concrete depending on the extent of the pH reduction needed. A pH test should be done at this time to see if further reduction is needed.
3. If pH is not low enough, apply a second coat as above and repeat the pH test. Neutral pH is 7
4. Once a safe pH range is acquired allow the surface to dry completely before proceeding with any other coating such as Trojan Masonry Sealer or Trojan Color Sealer
5. Manufacturer recommends OSHA Compliance chemical gloves, eye protection and rubber boots. Rinse everything with plenty of water. Rinse equipment immediately after use.
6. Clean-up: Clean all equipment with EnviroClean Degreaser and water to neutralize
Safety: Safe storage, handling and use dictate that adequate health and safety precautions be observed with this product. User is specifically directed to consult the current Material safety Data Sheet for this product as well as precautions contained on product labeling. .

Container Type: 1 Gallon * 5 Gallon Pail * 55 Gallon Drum
Shipping Weight: 9.4 lbs. * 46 lbs. * 496 lbs.
Average Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture when maintained in protected storage. Storage at 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Model: ENV 60-68

Envirosafe pH Reducer, 1 gallon- 250 sq.ft./gal

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