Non Acid Coil Cleaner, 4 gal case


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Non Acid Coil Cleaner (02 NACC), case of 4 gallons

We CAN NOT ship this product to California

This foaming type coil cleaner contains potassium hydroxide and will remove grease, exhaust residue and other grime found on cooling fins, refrigeration coils and air cooled condensers. This is an industrial strength alkaline cleaner, equipment filters should be rinsed with water after application. Refrigeration plants and other heat exchange units can be cleaned on spot without disassembling.

pH: 13.3 + 0.3
COLOR: Clear fluorescent yellow
ODOR: Slightly pungent

4/1 gallon case
5 gallon pail
30 & 55 gallon drums (add 3-5 day handling time)
pallet quantities available (add 3-5 day handling time)

**This product is considered a DOT hazardous material, therefore UPS charges additional fees when shipped. These fees will automatically be added into your shopping cart during checkout.

  • Model: 02 NACC

Non Acid Coil Cleaner, 4 gal case

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