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Quickly clean vehicles and vehicle windows using Watersprite Synthetic Chamois. This soft and highly-absorbent towel works like a sponge and won't leave any lint. It absorbs dirt and grime from the surface of your vehicle, and isn't affected by mildew or bacteria. Watersprite Synthetic Chamois has 100% synthetic poly vinyl alcohol fibers. It is available in two sizes and is safe to use on any vehicle including collector, high-end, and antique cars. Watersprite Synthetic Chamois removes all soap and detergent from your vehicle when pulled across the surface. Moisten cloth with cold water. Never use hot water.

Ideal for cleaning cars, boats, planes, buses, trucks, scooters, vans, boats, and motorcycles; also use for common household chores.

Watersprite Synthetic Chamois is sold in individual or case quantities.

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Water Sprite Synthetic Chamois - Large

Water Sprite Synthetic Chamois - Large

Watersprite Synthetic Chamois - Large Quickly clean vehicles and...
Watersprite Synthetic Chamois - Small

Watersprite Synthetic Chamois - Small

Watersprite Synthetic Chamois - Small Quickly clean vehicles and...

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