Drain-A-Go Drain Opener 12 qt Case, Sulfuric Acid 93%


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Drain-A-Go Drain Opener (Case of 12 quarts)

Dissolve troublesome clogs with Drain-A-Go Drain Opener. It breaks down hair, grime, and other pipe filling debris, allowing fluids to once again flow unobstructed; ideal for sinks, tubs, showers, slop sinks, and floor drains. The active ingredient in this product is Sulfuric Acid - a compound that contains hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. Drain-A-Go Drain Opener contains 93% Sulfuric Acid making it a powerful solution capable of breaking through even the toughest barriers. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended; handle with care.

This product is sold in bulk by the case quantities. It is designed for use as a drain opener in multiple environments including shipyards, retail outlets, restaurants, business offices, schools, warehouses, and homes.


12/1 qt (case)

  • Model: PRO 341

Drain-A-Go Drain Opener 12 qt Case, Sulfuric Acid 93%

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