5 Gal Buddy Jug with 3/4" faucet


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Product Description

5 gal Buddy Jug with 3/4" Faucet

This container is ready-to-fill and unlabeled. Typically used as part of a bulk chemical program, this item is perfect for organizing your custodial closet; or use it to dilute then store your concentrated solutions on mobile janitorial carts. (Always label unattended product.) This container is durable enough to handle most non-corrosive liquids and chemicals, and it includes a 3/4" faucet that is easy to open and close. Depending upon the type of product being collected you may need to wear Personal Protective Equipment. Rinse or replace this container as appropriate.

5 gal Buddy Jug with 3/4" Faucet is tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, manufacturing locations, processing plants, schools, office buildings, and homes. It is sold in individual quantities.

Container specifications:

5 gal | Translucent | Vented | 3/4" Faucet included


1 each

  • Model: ALC BJ

5 Gal Buddy Jug with 3/4" faucet

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