10" Mini Microbe Spiker Squeegee, case of 12


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10" Mini Microbe Spiker

This squeegee is 99.9% effective against reducing the MRSA bacteria. It features a hand-held plastic frame with a Microbe Spiker blade. The blue closed-cell foam rubber squeegee is embedded with an antimicrobial agent that attracts and attacks surface microbes by physical means. There is no opportunity for cell adaptation or development of microbial resistance. Because the agent is embedded into the entirety of the foam, it does not lose potency over time. Can be used on wet or dry surfaces and destroys up to 99.9% of surface microbes.

***Each case is made to order and normally has a 1-2 week lead time***

It is recommended for use on any surface where cross contamination is a concern.

- Zinc plated steel frame
- Socket is easy to position
- One 3/8" x 11/2" medium density closed-cell foam rubber blade
- Antimicrobial agent is EPA registered and USDA accepted
- Reduces the cost of cleaning/no chemicals needed
- Environmentally friendly
- Blade easily cleaned with warm water

Lengths Available:
MS-A-6 6" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-8 8" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-10 10" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-12 12" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-14 14" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-16 16" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-18 18" Mini Microbe Spiker
MS-A-24 24" Mini Microbe Spiker
  • Model: HAVILAND MS-A-10

10" Mini Microbe Spiker Squeegee, case of 12

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