30" Standard Duty High Heat Blade Straight Squeegee, case of 6


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30" Standard Duty High Heat Blade Straight, case of 6

The Sahara squeegee blade can be safely/efficiently used to apply hot applications. The Sahara Squeegee blade remains stable up to 478 degrees Fahrenheit and has a low reactivity with chemicals. The blade is a hybrid rubber that offers flexibility, malleability, clarity, temperature resistance, and water resistance. In addition, the hybrid blade is resistant to, ozone and UV attacks, and has excellent tensile and tear properties at high temperatures. This squeegee is available as a flat blade or with six different serration depths.

***Each case is made to order and normally has a 1-2 week lead time***

- 16 Gauge plated steel frame
- 1/4" x 2" Hybrid blend rubber blade
- All steel frame with rounded corners for protection and safety in shipping
- Equipped with a built in scraper
- Steel socket accepts a 1 1/8 tapered handle
- T-66 , 66, and PCT-97 sockets are also available

Lengths Available:
0SI14 - 14" Floor Squeegee
0SI18 - 18" Floor Squeegee
0SI24 - 24" Floor Squeegee
0SI30 - 30" Floor Squeegee
0SI36 - 36" Floor Squeegee
  • Model: HAVILAND OSI-30

30" Standard Duty High Heat Blade Straight Squeegee, case of 6

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