8" Easy Clean Hand-Held Squeegee, case of 100


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8" Easy Clean" Hand-Held Squeegee, case of 100

This versatile squeegee is duo-extruded. A special die is used to extrude molten materials to form a strong, durable bond between the blade and the frame. A good all around inexpensive unit. The Easy Clean is available in six different colors; red, brown, yellow, blue, white, and green (HACCP colors).

***Each case is made to order and normally has a 1-2 week lead time***

- Dishwasher safe up to 210 degrees F
- Made from FDA approved ingredients
- Lightweight for ease of use

Lengths Available:
EC-6 6" Hand-Held Squeegee
EC-8 8" Hand-Held Squeegee
EC-10 10" Hand-Held Squeegee
EC-12 12" Hand-Held Squeegee
EC-14 14" Hand-Held Squeegee
EC-16 16" Hand-Held Squeegee
EC-18 18" Hand-Held Squeegee
  • Model: HAVILAND EC-8

8" Easy Clean Hand-Held Squeegee, case of 100

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