17" Scrubber Bonnet, case of 6


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17" Scrubber Bonnet, case of 6

Loosen and absorb dirt on medium to thick carpet with this 17" washable scrubbing bonnet. It is made out of durable cotton with added blended-fiber scrubbing strips for soil removal.

There are several established methods for bonnet cleaning, but they all require the use of a floor machine. A floor machine is also known as a swing machine, or buffer, and should not be operated without first receiving proper training. These machines operate at 175 RPM (rotations per minute) in a counter-clockwise motion that propels the machine from side-to-side.

Bonnet cleaning requires less dry time than carpet extraction, and is ideal for spot treatment. Carpet should be pre-treated with a carpet spotter or neutralizer. Fill mop bucket with water, or properly diluted carpet cleaner, and soak carpet bonnet completely before wringing it out with either a down-press or side-press wringer. Attach wet bonnet to floor machine and make several passes over carpet surface.

This product is tailored for use in theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes.

Bonnet radius:

1 each
6/1 case

  • Model: ZEP 48317

17" Scrubber Bonnet, case of 6

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