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Floor Care: Miscellaneous Machines & Parts is heavily focused on Koblenz manufactured equipment and parts including an industrial size wet/dry vac. A wet/dry vacuum can be used on any surface including concrete, resilient, synthetic, wood floors, carpet, and tile. It is tailored for wet or dry applications, providing a means to easily remove spills, sawdust, or slurry. The wand and other attachments are the perfect tools for vacuuming cobwebs or furniture; also use for cleaning vehicle interiors. Regardless of the job, a wet/dry vac is the perfect companion.

Prior to operation, remove large debris from the cleanup area, and determine which attachments, if any, you will need to complete the task. After operation, drain the fluid into an appropriate drain, or empty dry debris into a garbage receptacle. (Depending upon the type of soil being removed, additional disposal actions may be required.) Wipe or let air dry-do not allow moist or liquid soil to dwell in the vacuum compartment for any prolonged period of time as it may result in mold or bacteria growth. Periodically, or as appropriate, disinfect the vacuum compartment along with the expandable hose and any tool attachments. Store wet/dry vacs in a dry environment.

These products are tailored for use in shipyards, warehouses, retail outlets, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, and homes. Personal Protective Equipment may be required and should be determined in accordance with the type of soil being removed.

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